The aim of this course is to bridge the gap between general and academic English for students in higher education. The course features topics that raise awareness, develops skills necessary for academic study, which include note-taking, essay writing, giving presentations and the development of strategies for undertaking research and dealing with unfamiliar academic vocabulary. The main focus of ENGL 101 will be: skimming and scanning for intensive reading, predicting content, forming topic sentences, developing a paragraph, understanding the purpose of the paragraph, forming text cohesion, finding information from more than one resource, identifying language for rephrasing and giving examples, distinguishing between facts, speculating and reporting opinions, writing a comparing and contrasting essay, selecting information, prioritizing and brainstorming, developing a thesis statement, writing to describe and explain ,writing a persuasive and opinion essay.

This second year English course helps students develop the academic language skills required to write, format and reference a short technical report, and to present a summary of its contents to a public audience. It also aims to enable students to conduct online research and become familiar with various search tools and engines such as library online databases and resources, Google Scholar, Google drive and Google form.

This MOODLE is intended to provide a common resource area for SFL students